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Dinkytown AutoSave

Dinkytown AutoSave

All calculators now use "Dinkytown AutoSave". This great feature allows you to exit the calculator and then come back later, with all entries preserved. No more starting over!

Features include:

Dinkytown AutoSave and Email

Dinkytown AutoSave and Email option lets you do even more. You can:
  1. Reset the calculator to defaults
  2. Email data
  3. Save multiple data sets

The AutoSave Menu option is available as an add-on for any licensed package of calculators. Already have a package of Calculators and want to add the Menu option? Please email us at:

It all starts by clicking the menu:

The new menu icon is available on all of our calculators. Clicking it opens up a whole new dimension, only found on Dinkytown calculators.

Reset to Defaults

Sometimes you just need to completely start over. Cilck the "Reset to defaults button to reload all of the calculators default values. This is perfect for just starting from scratch.

Email someone:

Cilck the "Email" button to create an email. Your computer or device's email program will open with a new email formatted as a short calculator summary. In addition, a special link will appear. This will link directly to the original calculator page with all of your entries pre-filled and calculated. This is perfect for emailing clients, friends or even yourself. The encryped data link does not rely on Dinkytown.net and will link to the website that originally was used to create the email.

Save a copy

The original Dinkytown AutoSave still saves your data as you are make changes. But the new menu allows you to save a copy at anytime that you can retreive later. Up to 10 data sets are allowed for each calculator. Just like the original AutoSave, no data is ever transmitted over the internet and nothing is saved to a server. All data is stored locally and encrypted within your browser.